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Welcome To Machinesol

Machinesol Co Ltd. is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang China.

We started our journey in 2015 and its been a epic ride since then. Machinesol have cooperated with many Universities and Designing institutes to make State of the Art Technologies to help solve problem for many companies from different Sectors.

The Companies aim is to innovate in science and technology , strictly control quality and provide efficient services.

Machinesol provides it services for different sectors including Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Processing, Mineral Processing, Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Foundries, Bulk Handling, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Rubbers and Plastics. 

Our Products

Filtration Related Products

Bag House Dust Collector

Bag House Dust Collector

Filter Bags machinesol

Filter Bags

Filter Cages

Filter Cages

Air Slide Cloth

Air Slide Cloth

Machinesol Expansion Joint Cloth

Expansion Joint Cloth

Insulation Cloth Machinesole

Insulation Cloth

filter-plate-cloth image products section home page

Filter Press Cloth


HVAC Pocket Filters

Metallurgy Equipment

Induction Furnace Manupuator

Induction Furnace Manipulator

Vibratory Scrap Feeder Machinesol

Vibratory Scrap Feeder

Hot Billet Shearing Machine Machinesol

Hot Billet Shear Machine

Machinesol Ladle Car

Ladle Car

Ladle Hook

Ladle Hook

metallurgical ladle with steel in the workshop

Liquid Steel Ladle

Room Type Hood

Room Type Hood

Lid Type Hood

Lid Type Hood

Ladle Turret

Ladle Turret

Machinesol Scrap Grab

Scrap Grab

Lifting Magnet machinesol

Lifting Electro-Magnet

Graphite Powder(

Graphite Powder (BakeLine)

Contnous casting Machines image products section home page

Continuous Casting Machine

Forged Grinding Balls Production Line Machinesol

Grinding Ball Production Line

Re-rolling Mill Machinesol

Re-Rolling Mill

Hydraulic Bailing Machine

Hydraulic Bailing Machine

Scrap Shreader

Scrap Shredder

Machinesole Cold Shear Machine

Cold Hydraulic Shear

Pit Furnace

Pit Furnace

Rotary Furnace

Rotary Furnace

Engineering Related Products

Conveyre Belt

Conveyer Belt

Magnetic Belt Seprator

Magnetic Belt Separator

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder

Machinesol Boiler


Coal Gasification System

Coal Gasification System

Hydraulic Station

Hydraulic Station

Machinesol Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine


Impact Testing Machine

Torsion testing machine

Torsion Testing machine

fog cannon sprayer machine

Fog Cannon Sprayer Machine

Low Intensity Aviation lights Machinesol

Low Intensity Aviation Lights

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