Re-Rolling Mill

Machinesol have several years of experience in Steel Industry. Installed and commission CCM and Re-Rolling Mill. We as expat in Machine Design and material provide our client complete solution as per need.

Machinesol provide the Re-Rolling Mill complete solution from different resources to optimize the Design and cost. We offer complete Re-rolling mill from Billet pusher to end packing of rebar, as per requirements and available space with-in budget.

Process Flow:

Billet Pusher >> Re Heating Furnace >> Rough Mill >> Finish Mill >> Cooling Bed >> Cold Shearing >> Packing.

Process Summary:

In continuous Billet rerolling, hot billet is convey to the rolling table towards the roughing mill if the billet temperature is uniform and above crystallization it will directly go to the rouging stands. Qualified billets hoisted by crane to grouping bracket, group billets as one batch by billet pushing machine, then push one batch into furnace in roller table and send it to reheating furnace end. After that, push the billets into reheating furnace by billet pusher. When the billets are heated to 1150-1250 ͦ C the billets is pushed by discharging machine from heating furnace to Ø430 T rough milling with discharging roller tables, and then, the billets are rolled 5 passes by lifting rollers, then, go into Ø300Mill—2 mill unit be rolled 14 passes, then, go into cooling water equipment for cooling down, and then, the billets are held by pinch roller to transport to cooling bed for cooling, and then, the bars are cut 12m by cut-to-length shears, then, they are packed for shipment.

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