Pit Furnace


Furnaces which are constructed in a pit and extend to floor level or slightly above are called pit furnaces. Workpieces can be suspended from fixtures, held in baskets or placed on bases in the furnace. Pit furnaces are suited to heating long tubes, shafts and rods by holding them in a vertical position. This manner of loading provides minimal distortion.

Pit furnace is a type of a furnace bath which is installed in the form of a pit and is used for melting small quantities of ferrous and non ferrous metals for production of castings. It is provided with refractory inside and chimney at the top. Generally coke is used as fuel. It is provided with refractory lining inside and chimney at the top. Natural and artificial draught can be used for increasing the capability towards smooth operation of the furnace.

The pit furnace is a vertical orientation batch furnace used for a variety of processes. Designs can be provided for atmosphere or direct fired processes. Furnaces are available with retorts or without depending on process requirements.

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