Re-Heating Furnace

Machinesol’s Re-Heating Furnace is an industrial furnace designed to heat materials, often metals like steel, to elevated temperatures after they have undergone a cooling process or been stored at room temperature. This reheating process is essential to restore the material to a workable temperature range, making it more malleable and suitable for subsequent manufacturing processes.

How Re-Heating Furnace works

  • Loading: The material to be reheated, such as metal billets or slabs, is loaded into the furnace, typically via conveyor systems or charging machines.

  • Heating: The furnace uses various heating methods, including natural gas, electricity, or combustion of other fuels, to raise the temperature of the material to the desired level. Temperature control is crucial to ensure the material reaches the appropriate temperature without overheating or underheating.

  • Soaking: After reaching the target temperature, the material is held at that temperature for a specific period, allowing for uniform heating throughout the entire cross-section.

  • Discharging: Once the material has been properly reheated, it is discharged from the furnace and transferred to the next manufacturing process, such as rolling, forging, or extrusion.

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