Low Intensity Aviation Lights

LILxxS is a dedicated maintenance-free obstacle light for aviation warning purposes. It is complying with ICAO and FAA international standards. This light can be used for marking obstacles which pose a threat to aircraft, such as telecom towers, buildings, wind turbines, power transmission towers, airports and general aviation warning purposes.

Its advanced high-power LED with optimized optical design is able to minimal power consumption and maximizes light intensity based on only one single LED. Energy saving comparing to incandescent lighting technology. Meanwhile increasing safety thanks to low failure LED technology.



  • It is with LIBxxS series LED bulb. The bulb is E27 holder.
  • Easy for installation, replacement and free of maintenance.
  • Using first brand Cree LED as light source. It has extremely high light efficiency and saving energy.
  • One single LED and lens can reach optical requirements, and reduce light pollution so as to improve light efficiency.
  • It is driven by LED constant current to extend LED life.
  • Light house is made of PC material. It is able to anti-­‐UV, good at impact strength, thermal stability and flame retardant.
  • The base is made of alloy aluminum. Its surface is with special spray process. It is lightweight and corrosion resistance.
  • It is with a high-altitude anti-dropping device to ensure easy and secure on site in installation.
  • Option function: light sensor for day/light operation, steady burning or flashing etc.

Premium grade UV resistant polycarbonate body and lens material.
Waterproof IP66.
Life expectancy over 10 years; 3 years warranty.

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